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Watermain Inspection, Leak Detection and Pipe Locating


Discover the true condition of your watermains with pipeline condition assessment services from GAME Trenchless Consultants. Watermain condition assessment services proactively assess the condition of water transmission systems, helping water utilities and pipeline operators locate watermain leaks, reduce watermain breaks, ensure environmental compliance, and make informed decisions regarding watermain repair, rehabilitation, or replacement.

GAME Trenchless Consultants simplifies watermain inspections and provides a higher level of service:

  • Large and small diameter pipelines across North America
  • Proven track record of helping major cities resolve watermain leaks and reduce non-revenue water loss
  • Introduced the first high quality video inspection system for pressurized watermains which requires no post processing and provides immediate inspection results
  • Experienced field crews trained on multiple technologies means that the right tool is used for the right job

The natural reflex of replacing aging watermains can be cost-prohibitive and, at times, not necessary. The ability to perform a live condition assessment using in-line inspection and leak detection tools can provide insight on alternative renewal and rehabilitation options.

GAME Trenchless Consultants solutions are trusted for distribution and transmission watermains:

  • Pipeline condition assessment;
  • Prestressed concrete cylinder pipes (PCCP);
  • Metallic pipes - ductile iron, cast iron, steel;
  • Plastic and PVC pipes;
  • Rehabilitated pipes;
  • Live Watermain leak detection and CCTV inspection using the LDS1000™ and Investigator+™ technologies;
  • Large diameter watermain HD CCTV using the VT150MkII ROV;
  • Pressurized watermain video;
  • Failed hydrostatic pressure tests;
  • Pipeline locating and mapping;


products and SERVICES

LDS1000               Leak Detection / CCTV in one tool

Investigator+        Leak Detection / CCTV in one tool

VT150MkII             Long Range HD CCTV